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Jurnal Mesil (Mesin Elektro Sipil) published by the Center for Research and Development Indonesia (CERED Indonesia) in June and December of the year. The Mesil Journal is to disseminate information on the results of scientific writings to academics and practitioners who are interested in the field of Civil Electrical Machinery. Mesil Journal accepts submissions of articles written in Indonesian or English. Determination of published articles is carried out through a blind review process by a team of editors by considering aspects including: the fulfillment of standard requirements for scientific journal publications and the contribution of articles to professional development, Electrical and Civil Engineering.

The editor is responsible for providing a constructive review of the articles to be published and (if deemed necessary) and conveying the results of the evaluation of the articles to the authors. Articles proposed for publication in the journal are advised to follow the guidelines for writing articles made by the Editor.

Articles are sent in softcopy to the editor's address of the Journal of Mesil Center for Research and Development Indonesia (CERED Indonesia).

The publication's copyright is protected through CC-BY-NY-SA.

Open access journal.

E-ISSN 2723-7052

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Vol. 5 No. 1 (2024): Jurnal MESIL (Mesin Elektro Sipil)
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Published: 05-05-2024
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